Areas of Work and Programs

Inclusion without discrimination
of people with disabilities.

Inclusive Education RBC

Centro Maya Servicio Integral seeks inclusive education, which is the model to meet the learning needs of all girls, boys, youth and adults, especially those with some type of disability. Likewise, one of the basic principles of inclusive education is one that recognizes that each girl, boy or youth has some type of disability, therefore it implements certain changes and modifications in content and strategies which achieve true inclusion and meet the purpose of educating everyone, responding to the educational needs of all. As are the CNB curricular adaptations approved by the Ministry of Education or reasonable adjustments as they are currently called.

Physiotherapy RBC

This Area works on the physical rehabilitation of the participants who may be people with disabilities and other people, belonging to the community, who require physical therapy for some other reason (accidents, advanced age) and cannot afford it. It works through the use of physical agents such as air, water, light, heat, mechanical movements or others in order to achieve the proper development of the functions produced by the body systems where their good or bad functioning affects the kinetics or human body movement.

Terapia Ocupacional RBC

This therapy focuses on the promotion of the health and well-being of the participants through occupation, training them to participate in the activities of daily life and enabling them to perform tasks that optimize their ability to participate in daily life situations, modifying the environment to reinforce this participation in order to achieve their independence and the greatest degree of autonomy possible for them.

Terapia del Lenguaje RBC

In the area of hearing, voice and language, we work with participants from a year and a half of age and older.
The participants are people with disabilities with whom the work is carried out according to the disability of each one; and other people, even if they don't have a disability, need support from the area for some other reason.

Psicología RBC

The participants receive therapy in Psychology and the acceptance of the disability achieve optimal psychological, physical and social functioning. Social, environmental, political, biological and psychological factors that affect their functionality are considered at all times in order to minimize the impact that disability has on them and optimize their coping skills. In the same way, they work on the recovery of social and family roles and they work on the process of accepting their disability.

Musicoterapia RBC

The music program began in 2010 with the collaboration of the Norwegian organization Dissimilis, which means different; which is based on the colored staff so that people with disabilities can develop their musical talents regardless of the type of disability they have. Today all the personnel of Centro Maya have been trained in this Dissimilis model and the method continues to be implemented through the services. In this program, the participants learn basic knowledge to read music, association of musical notes with colors, techniques to play different instruments, discipline, motor skills and techniques, among others.

Health Program RBC

This area is open to participants and people from the community in general. We provide accompaniment to people with disabilities who require a general medical evaluation or a specialty, through medical or specialist conferences and a general one (Neurology, nephrology, ophthalmology or dentistry). They undergo the exams required by the same specialists. Another service provided within the health program are support devices (customized wheelchairs, hearing aids, prostheses, etc.)

Construction Program

The housing construction program began at the end of 2018 with the support of the Construcasa Association; the main objective is to provide decent housing for the participants and their families; mainly complying with universal accessibility regulations and thus improve the quality of life. To date, 17 homes have been built. In 2023, 5 more homes will be built.

Nuestra Visión es ser una institución líder en discapacidad, que a través del cumpliento de sus objetivos transforme a las comunidades y autoridades en espacios de desarrollo integral, inclusión, igualdad de derechos y oportunidades.

Centro Maya Servicio Integral