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How we work?

We serve people with disabilities of any age, any parent or friend of a person with a disability or the person directly addresses us.

Continuously improving.

The Rehabilitation Process


Upon arrival at the Center, a general evaluation is made to determine the appropriate services for your habilitation, rehabilitation and a personalized care plan is created that will include any type of service and/or therapy that this requires for your intervention


Participants initiate attention at the RBC Community-Based Rehabilitation model in the areas of medical, psychological care, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, music therapy sessions and for some, integration into a public school or college is carried out depending on the case to achieve their Inclusive Education depending on your needs, impression or clinical diagnosis.


Participants can continue to be part of the Center for as long as necessary to achieve the goals and progress that they set for themselves, working hand in hand with our team of RBC technicians, mothers and fathers or caregivers.

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