We know through time.


Centro Maya Servicio Integral works every day to promote the rights and care of people with disabilities and for almost two decades

Foundation - 2001

The Center began in 2001, with the name of Candela thanks to the initiative of a person of French origin; who noticed the lack of services for people with disabilities in the area.

At that time, physiotherapy and personal hygiene, and a basic nutrition program were provided. This strengthened the unity of families and the mission center, which over time became an important meeting point for participants with disabilities and their families.


In 2004, after the departure of the person of French origin, the center had become an essential resource for children, youth, adults with disabilities and those who organize themselves and form an association. From there the Xe'kiyaqasiiwaan Maya Center was born. 


In 2010 it became Centro Maya Servicio Integral with the same name today. The areas of special education, physical therapy, speech therapy, psychological therapy, animal-assisted therapy, and occupational therapy began.

Positioning itself as an institution that promotes the social inclusion of people with disabilities in San Juan la Laguna and in general in the department of Sololá.


In 2020, during the global pandemic, Centro Maya managed to stay afloat, thanks to several donors who supported efforts to continue advancing in the construction of a more inclusive society.

Through a diagnosis carried out, it was established that it was necessary to fully establish the RBC Community-Based Rehabilitation model. Therefore, a 3-year Plan was built; that will achieve the sustainability of the Center mainly in times of crisis.

Thanks to the fulfillment of the objectives of this Strategic Plan, it has been possible to raise awareness among local governments and State institutions that constitute the support of said institutions in the fulfillment of the rights of people with disabilities.

1 Plan, thousands of lives

Community-Based Inclusive Development


In addition to successfully meeting the objectives set, this 2023 will be the beginning of the Inclusive Development Based on the DIBC Community, which will trace the path for the true inclusion of people with disabilities in the human rights model.